"You are the creative mind with the drive for your fashion business...

... we are the consulting studio that helps you structure your ambitions."


Why Trui?

At Studio Trui we stand for fashion professionals that want to make great business ideas work. We offer support and consultation for designers and small fashion business owners in the pursuit of developing and realising a well-structured, transparant management process.


We believe the power of entrepreneurial success lies in trust and open-mindedness.


We co-create for meaningful business relationships that empower fashion entrepreneurs to reach for their highest potential.

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What we believe



We work as partners in a positive, open-minded way to pave ways for your growth and succes.



Everybody's needs are different, so our approach is tailored for every individual customer.



We will always be approachable and to-the-point without losing sight that business should also be pleasure.

How we do it


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Our offer is tailored for every business stage. Whether you are an experienced mogul that needs full assistance over your fashion season or an ambitious starter looking for initial structure.

Our founder

Loes Huizing

My name is Loes Huizing. I am the founder and managing director of Studio Trui.

I gladly invite you to become the missing link in our movement.

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"There's never a lack of ideas, but I feel I'm missing a solid structure behind them to make them real."

- Leonie, Founder of Little Lee

Feel free to contact us anytime to see how we could collaborate.